Working and skilled visas


Australia is a fast growing economy & needs talent & experienced people in diverse professions. There are about 20+ visa options to choose from. There are limits on the number of some of the visas issued in a year.The purpose of the Skilled Migration Program is to attract highly employable people for migration to Australia. It is the most chosen visa option & we at Immi-Great consider it as our strength.

Visitor visas


Australia is a great place to visit, whether you are staying for a holiday, to see friends or relatives, or to work or study for a short time.

Regardless of how long you intend to stay, you must have a valid Australian visa if you want to visit Australia.

Visitor visas allow you to do exactly the same. There are a range of visitor visa options like Transit visa, Visitor visa, Work and Holiday visa, Working Holiday visa

Studying and training visas


International education is one of Australia’s biggest exports, representing $16.3B in revenue in 2013-14. The student visa programme is designed to facilitate the entry and stay of genuine international students. International students must be enrolled in a full time course registered with CRICOS to be eligible for a student visa, be more than 6 years old & satisfy English language & other requirements.

Family and spousal visas


As an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen, you may be able to sponsor your family to live in Australia. You can bring your spouse/partner, adopted child, parent, aged relative, relative, etc. to Australia under one of the many visa options available in this category. The assurance of support, waiting times & caps on the number of these visas keep changing & one needs to be prudent

Citizenship Applications


There are numerous citizenship pathways and processes available to Australian residents & Eligible New Zealand Citizens. Contact us to discuss your options.

Visa extensions


If you are in Australia, you must hold a valid visa for the duration of your stay and comply with the conditions of your visa. You must depart Australia no later than on the day on which your visa expires. If you want to stay in Australia longer than your current visa allows, you need to apply for another visa. The type of visa you can apply for will depend on the type of visa you currently have. Contact us immediately if your visa is about to expire.

Merits review


The AAT conducts Merits* review & this is an administrative reconsideration of a case. A merits review body makes decisions within the same legislative framework as the primary decision maker, and may exercise all the powers and discretions conferred on the primary decision maker. The AAT has the power under the Migration Act 1958 to:

  • Affirm (not change) the primary decision
  • Vary the primary decision
  • Set aside the primary decision and substitute a new decision
  • Remit (return) a matter to Department of  Immigration and Border Protection for reconsideration with specific directions.

Immi-Great Solutions is adept at professionally representing your case & a professionally represented case increases your chances of a successful review.

Refugee and humanitarian visas


Australia’s refugee and humanitarian programme is an important part of its contribution to the international protection of refugees. It is designed to ensure that Australia can respond effectively to global humanitarian situations and that support services are available to meet the specific needs of these entrants. Since 1945 more than 800,000 humanitarian migrants have been resettled in Australia.