Earn with us $


We live in a sharing economy. Whether you are a client or an individual, you can become an Immi-Great referee and reap handsome benefits. When you refer someone to us, it means that you want that person to be taken care of. We do not let that trust down. We will take care of your referred client and also reward you in the process. You will be surprised that you can make as much as AUD 300 per each skilled immigration case that you refer to us (sometimes even more).


Partner with us

If you are well networked & want to partner with us , we can offer you attractive incentives , advice on how to set up your business, generate leads, carry out marketing campaigns, take advantage of our marketing engine & much more.


If any one of that appeals to you, write to us at us@igrs.com.au.

You will need to include details on:

  • What you currently do
  • Do you think you have the time to invest in this business.
  • What are your passions?
  • Your details: email, phone, preferably a facebook or other social media profile & which country you live in & why do you think you will be able to add value to the Immi-Great ecosys
  • or simply write to us