About Us


We are regular people with an extraordinary passion to simplify immigration & overseas admission processes for our clients. We are people focussed & just like you try to enjoy the simple pleasures of life whenever we can

True to our name, we help create numerous legal solutions and options for you to choose a country as your new home. Our team of talented legal specialists assess your profile and suggest the best legal options available to your situation.

Moving to a new land is an overwhelming decision and we understand that, having undergone the same pain ourselves.

That’s one of the reasons why we also help you settle down in the early stages of your relocation. Upon landing, our team helps you get the basic documentation in place, like your medicare card, social insurance number, bank accounts, etc. You can also choose from one of our settlement packages to ensure that you have an affordable and decent accommodation in your chosen country before you arrive.
Your suitability to immigrate or study in Australia is legally assessed for visa options available as per Australian immigration legislation. If you so desire we can also assess your suitability for Canadian Immigration & student visa options.

Our Story

When we were aspiring to permanently settle in Australia, we were misled, misinformed & denied authentic immigration advice by migration consultants, some of whom were close friends. We have vowed never to let that happen to our clients. Immigration consulting for us is a way of helping out our clients with accurate, authentic & timely legal advice.
The founders of this company have global experiences and have realized that most clients do NOT TRUST immigration advisors. Having knowledge of any law is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. There are enough practitioners who behave irresponsibly & often mislead clients,especially the ones overseas. For this reason, we have placed some serious checks and balances in our immigration consulting practice.


Ours is not a mom and dad individually run practice. Our panel of immigration practitioners scan, crosscheck and double check all eligibility applications before arriving at a decision. So, be rest assured, that your assessment and subsequent application passes through quite a few pair of eyes and responsible hands.


The second biggest complaint about immigration practitioners is that they fail to communicate and respond to their client’s queries after retaining their services. NOT US. You can call, mail, text or even yourself check the status of your application when you deal with us.We are there when you need us.


Irrespective of which country you are applying for, all payments to Immi-Great Solutions go into a trust account that is governed by Australian Legislation and your money is safe during the processing of your application.

Meet Our Team

Our complete team is handpicked to ensure that our clients get best and personalised service at all times. We understand that migrating to another country could be either an enjoyable affair or be an uncomfortable journey.